sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Happy Rosh Hashana :)

ok ...it's time you can dip your apple in honey and make a wish haha

Rosh Hashana is Jewish newyear this year is on September 18th for detail visit HERE

I visit youtube and search for nice rosh hashana video to watch ..I found this cartoon it's from rosh hashana year 2006. anyway ...:P enjoy your new year ..if the christian new year you have not celebrate at all...you have another chance today. ^ ^

Happy new year to all jewish people and all of you who want to celebrate :)

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Apple + honey

(my apple..normal sweet red ones with simple..honey)

yay...well haven't uploaded my blog so long time

maybe it's time to brush up hahahh

ok, today I just ...have some special little thing that I ate, it's so simple but so nice, Pieces of apple dipped with honey! Not new invention, not far to reach..just simple things in your kitchen, well the reason I write about it ..is ..I never ate them together till now and I found that it's such a great..just that :)

I felt excited till I have to google it!..and I found that some people likes that also. Jewish people ate also this apple and honey on the night of Rosh Hashana. the Jewish NewYear...this year is on sunset September 18, 2009 - nightfall September 20, 2009 (Jewish Year 5770) sounds fun!

oke ..the details I'll tell again on Rosh Hashana nights in september...and of course ..eating apple with honey :-) I'm not Jew..but it really sounds fun!..I'll wait till that time!!!

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009


whoohooo! June ELLE(Thailand) with free shopping bag xD

this such a nice one :) SUMMER UPDATED! YAY! TUFF! hell...in Thailand it's rainy season - -u

I normally read woman magazine I have many fave ones ...but I didn't buy all stuffs in every months lol

my Favorite Woman Magazine Top 5:
1.Cosmopolitan (all girls like it I think)
3.Cawaii (japanese style)
5.Marie Claire

yay... ;D

miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

you made me feel so blue.

Yesterday along the little street way, some place near Yawarat (china town), Bangkok Thailand.
at least we found oasis in these boring same buildings
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Lens Lens Lens

Yestery I went to Optical shop for buying new contactlens...
and one thing that I know, my eyesight gone worse than I was. from -3.00 to -4.50!!!

but I still can use the -3.00 glasses by see everything clear as it used to be , what da heck!

maybe, it's because I'm spending much time on computer =.=, but anyway I think when I'm older my eye sight surely gone increase, maybe I becomes normal eyesight hahaha

pics of my 3 boxes DUNA Life Soft lens that I bought yesterday. :)
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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Life as a super lazy person

today I'm at my home as always ... bored as hell, I don't even wanna move
I feel today is my laziest day in my vacation.

This is my today's activity:

10 or 11 o'clock I woke up so late and went down stair to drink some soda and I saw some chicken on the table so I ate it, then turned on my computer to looked around in the internet and started watching youtube.

12 o'clock still watching youtube, my boyfriend was online and he went to university at 12.45

13 o'clock still watching youtube and realized something actually happen around me...
14 o'clock still watching youtube , realized that I'm so lazy and I was bit hungry.

15 o'clock paused a bit on sofa and started thinking what I really want to do today , my boyfriend was online again at 15.25 and I feel more hungry now

so...I conclude some messy things that I think I wanted to do

1. get something to eat - but I'm too lazy to go out and I also don't know what to eat.
2. buy a new kitchen towel dress - but I'm too lazy to go out and I don't know why I want the new one because I already had one but I don't know where is it now, maybe not so necessary.
3. searching for my own towel - but not found ..so I think I wanna buy new one.
4. decorate or reorganize some corners of my house - but I'm too lazy, I had no enough motivations to do that.
5. wanted to be a stock photographer - but now I don't know what shit happening with my usb port from my camera ( my dad bought me new one some weeks ago -Nikon D60), I still can't uploading any pics to computer.
6. wanted to call for someone who can help me upload my pic to my computer - but I'm too lazy to call him and I didn't have his number.
7. I want some models to take photos - but I'm at home and lazy to go out to meet some friends.
8. want to continue my drawing from yesterday - but I'm lazy to do it, lack of creativities and motivations.
9. I wanted to rebuild the kitchen and walk-in closet - but...way too far.
10. wanted to cook - but I'm lazy...I don't know what I want to cook.
11. wanted to go out some where - but I'm lazy to go out, and my body also very lazy.
12. wanted to continue my music - but I'm laaazy and I have no mood right now.
13. watching movie - but ...I was bored.
14. wanted to standing up from my sofa - but... I'm too lazy.
15. wanted to sleep - but I try now I'm not sleepy

so then ..I stay still on sofa around half hour by doing nothing
around 15.45 still being on sofa and do nothing just look up to my ceiling and think that I wanted to have an over head shelf but...no...maybe now impossible.

16 o'clock use my all energy to stand up and go to toilet. I washed my face and tide up my hair.
I'm hungry so much! so I went out to nearest place to buy some lazy cooking food to eat.

I went to supermarket, buy a package of microwave-cooking carbonara and finally I bought kitchen towel dress.. so I came back home to eat.

16.30 I put my carbonara in microwave using 3 minutes to heat, then I saw some dishes on the sink so I washed them.

16.45 I wanted to feel most comfortable and happy while eating this delicious carbonara so, preparing some ice, soda and a nice movie to watch while eating.

17 o'clock I ate my carbonara, drinking cold soda and watching movie in same time. I wanted it feel most comfortable but I think I just choose wrong movie ( I just watched "slap her, she is french" on DVD ) maybe, my carbonara is not so delicious because of this. (this what I have to prove next time that it's really true or not) also my pasta was already cold while I was eating.
my nice meal was fail

17.30 I finish eating so I turned off that movie while it was still not finish. and my boyfriend was greeting me hi on my comp.

18 o'clock I watched youtube again, thinking of posting some blog entry about how lazy I am.

20.22 still making my new blog entry, and thinking to upload some pic of my carbonara...

then...is it...my carbonara

my carbonara after heating by miccrowave. (uploaded already)
but this looked not so ..carbonara at all.

this looked more delicious... have nice meal.. ( next uploaded)
Carbonara by S&P, 67.50 baht and easy to cook, very nice for lazy person who don't want to spend more money to eat carbonara in restaurant.. or to lazy to cook.
!!!!!! but beware choose the correct movie while eating.!!!!!

18.31 thinking that I should stop this entry before it gone too far...looking at the word "Publicar entrada" to publish this entry.

now ..willing to click...

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

my morse code chart

according to Fernando's blog, he did his morse chart (based on G.Reinhold's)

I love his idea to categorize the alphabets by the number of syllables ..lovely!
but I did again in my version based on his chart..
just adding some colors and change fonts but sorry for crappy work..just want to try

OMG..color changed ...I use Black white and red ..
well it becomes white blue and green when posting lol
doesn't matter :P

Morse code on google title! =D

Today on the main google page title picture (text) is different from other days ..(as always when it has special days)

Today is Samuel Morse birthday, it's never been on my interested before ..till now
this guy created the famous "Morse code" more than 160 years ago
such a lovely idea, isn't it!?

and finally you know what does this mean?

.. + .-.. --- ...- . + -.-- --- ..- + -.. .- .-. .-.. .. -. --.


How to make twins


domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

there's another one who named Namasri???

Besure that there's no one in my country named Namasri..
it's only me who has crazy name like this in Thailand.
but in there's also Namasri in India, I used tosearch on google
and the thing that made me most amazed...
there's Namasri in Mexico!!!
I searched my name again in google and I found it!


lol take a look!!!

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

what is Pi?

mathematicians: it's the scale of circumference / diameter of the same circle
Programmer: it's 3.141592655389 by having 2 times accuracy????? O.o
Physicians: it's 3.14159, +- not more than 0.000005
Engineers: is around 22/7
Food Scientists: it's a kind of dessert or food that is delicious and good for health!

jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Tasto Wasabi @.@

HAVE YOU EVER tried the SNACK which fill the Wasabi powder in it?
I has this sometimes ago, it's quite feel strange but it's not bad.

Tasto Wasabi , potato chips with the wasabi powder in little package inside.

and the thing I like xD , in little wasabi package..there're the sassy (spicy or something it can discribe for wasabi) levels on the package ..little , midium,strong. I love this idea on it.

well I don't like wasabi at all, but this snack is not so bad.

Green Shopping

well this is no any eco things. I just went to Chatuchak Plants market because my mom wants some little plants.
Today, she bought 15 pots of little ferns, 1 dolzen purple orchids and well a plant I'm not sure what is it called .
My mom quite loves plants and gardening. Especially Orchid (or anything orchid-like) and Cuctuses.
Now my house is full of those plants eww X.x

Hey birds

Now my house has 2 bird nests, 1 with a little birds and 1 with 2 eggs.
the nest with little bird is in my mom's Orchid pod and it's so interactive living,
every time you tick a little your finger on he orchid's leaf..this little bird will raise his head and start vibrating, after a while it will be calm like always . lol lol lol
I took a video for it =)

and this is some pics I take him ^ ^ he's too cute!!

and another cage is in my dad's wooden ship model in the balcon
but still be eggs :)

and this is my dad's ship. lol

the bird is so choosy for its resident xDD

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

corn soup

end of the world, finally I made it
but.is this food for summer? ^^UUU
hot weather + hot soup = ...- -


today morning my mother bought many corns,
she said it's very cheap today, so she bought them
well, now I'm not sure what should I do with them.
any corn dish for summer?

martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

me in the dirty mirror

random pic, taken yesterday on my bathroom making some dirty mirror lol
almost Songkarn festival, this year can we play powder water???

hello summer!

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

FunFan in Bangkok with Aoba

Yesterday I went to a Japanese designer Masuteru Aoba's Workshop at ASCOTT in Sathorn, Bangkok about Graphic Design and making traditional Japanese fan

looked so ..formal isn't it?

my teacher Takashi (black shirt) was still translating the the lecture from Masuteru (blue shirt)

in Lecture Masuteru showed some of his graphic design works. They are very cool and he's very much ecology human. He did many works for Ecology.

then we have workshop on design and put it on the tradition Japanese fan we made
but unfortunately my battery too low to take more pics
and our fans has been shown up in exhibition Funfan in Bangkok at Central world
I still didn't come, but yeah ..it's cool isn't it?


Finally I've made Aquarium

Months ago, Fernando told me about an online lives game named Second Life because I told him I wanted to design places.

I started playing it after exam and well it's quite nice, a bit like the sims but sometimes different. There're places to create houses by yourself, but sometimes you can't do because it's already have owner and they don't allowed you to create things.

Some days ago I visited a German place , München (Munich) There're many shops, hmm..show places and cafe and some rooms that's no people using it.

I choose an Empty room, which maybe already has owner, but well...it's not prohibit to create things in this room , so I and Fernando transfrom this room to be aquarium. ( sorry owner :) )
to create things is not that hard , a bit like you create 3D in your computer program but it's in game.

I took some snapshots of Aquarium to show you how weird is it. lol

this is me and Fernando ( on horse) in front of our Aquarium

we have big fish swimming in the room and the white lucky cat standing at the door

purple lighting

view from top

I will clear up room soon , before owner see it =)

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Samba with me???

Now I'm deeply in love with Samba =)
fly me to Brazil now!!!
here is my favorite music <3>

my boring diary, and rabbislab buletin

today I just took the last examination of the end semester of my 1st year uni life.
well, gonna tell that I feel everything going so fast
and wow, you see? ...I'm gonna be the 2 year student soon.
but before that on Thursday I got portfolio interview
and I have to do more of sounds in my video for design fundamental project...
it's so bird....very bird....birdest thing in my life ever...I promise

and next life after this, I'll do another thing I love.
I'll continue my music project Rabbislab.
Some of my better music will be instead of those experimental funny sounds of me.
I'm sorry, that time I don't want my band myspace without anything to listen.- -
and...well, anymusic style. ...I love all, I just love more ambient ,electronica and metal.
and who likes to join me , want to play with me or ...just want to mess me up...here is free.

and Finally, I found that messy hair cat today, :)
happy to see you

lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Dude! Beware Heart Attack!

By SoA+D alumni ,1st generation communication design student
they did this video for a campaign of heart attack in Thailand, and they won! ^O^

checkout their site: http://www.paragraph9.com/

lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

university star lol

My friend used to tell me about a funny north-eastern song that's now very popular here in Thailand, but I had never heard since today.

some hours ago , I go to supermarkt with my mom.
A CD shop turn on a funny song called "Dao Mahalai" and mom said it's very funny so we bought back to home xD ..well yes!..very funny...if you understand Thai lang and a little of north-eastern lang (well , even me can't understand all they said but it's very funny xD).

so I did translations ^ ^
Dao Mahalai = university star

* normal Thai
** north eastern

แม่ : ฮัลโหล ดาวบ่ลูกหล่า ( hello dao bo lug la)**

Mom: hello isn't that Dao?

ดาว : ค่า (kah)*

Dao: yes

แม่ : ปิดเทอมแล้วกลับมาซอยแม่เฮ็ดนาแหน่เด๊อ (pid term laew glab ma soi mae hed na nae doe!)**

Mom:Uni. Off already, come back to help mom growing rice.

ดาว : โอเคค่า คุณแม่ขา แค่นี้นะคะ ( ok kah, khun mae kah, kae ni nakah)*

Dao: ok, mom...that's all.

แม่ : เออ (oe)*

Mom: ok

หนูดาวเป็นลูกสาวกก (nu dao pen luk sao kok) *

Dao girl is daughter of Kok

จบชั้นม.6 โรงเรียนบ้านหนองใหญ่ ( Job Chan Mo hok rong rien baan nong yai)

Graduate highschool at Baan Nong Yai school

คุณแม่ขายไร่ขายนา ส่งดาวเข้ามาเรียนมหาลัย ( khun mae kai rai kai na song dao khao ma rien mahalai)

Mom Sold her places Bring me to university

มาเรียนอยู่ในกรุงเทพ ยูนิเวอร์ซิตี้ที่ทันสมัย ( ma rien yu nai krung thep University ti tan samai)

Come to learn in Bangkok, modern university

ดาวสวยดาวเริ่ดดาวเด่น คนมันสวยทำอะไรก็เด่น ( Dao suay dao roed dao den , khon man suay tam arai go den)

beautiful dao, lots of potential dao, cool dao , beautiful person do anything cool! (^^UUU)

ก็เลยถูกพรีเซ้นต์ให้เป็นดาวมหาลัย ( go loey tuk present hai pen dao mahalai)

so I got presented to be University Star

เพื่อนๆที่คณะ ปลื้มดาวสุดๆเลยนะฮะ ( puen puen ti kana pluem dao sudsud loey naha)

My friends in my faculty ...so much crazy about me

ซัมเมอร์แม่เรียกตัวกลับมา ( Summer mae rieg tua glab ma)

Summer , mom called me to go back

ช่วยทำไร่ทำนาอยู่ที่บ้านหนองใหญ่ ( shuay tam rai tam na yu ti baan nong yai )

help her growing rice at Baan Nong Yai

ไปอยู่บ้านป่ากับดงดาวบอกตรงๆว่ามันไม่ใช่ ( pai yu baan pa kab dong , dao boag trong trong wa man mai chai)

Living in country house, honestly.. that it's not for me.

บ้านนอกขาดการพัฒนามีแต่ทุ่งนาและหมูหมากาไก่ (baan nog khad gan pat ta na mi tae tung na mu ma ga gai)

Rural has no development, has just rice fields and animals

ชาวบ้านก็ด้อยการศึกษากินแต่ปลาร้าที่ไม่พาสเจอร์ไรซ์ ( Chao baan gor doi kan suek sa gin tae plara ti mai plasturized )

people has no high education, eating just non-plasturized salty fish

กินกบกินอึ่งกินแย้ แมงจินูน แมงจิโป่ม ดักแด้ ( gin kob gin ueng gin yae maeng jinun maeng jipom dag dae)

eating flogs, lizard, jinu, jipom, pupas ( jinu, jipom I also don't know what it is ^^)

กินแม้แต่กุดจี่ที่อยู่ในกองขี้ควาย ( gin mae tae Gudji ti yu nai gong ki kwai )

eat even Gudji in baffalo's shit ( gudji is an insect )

ฮื้อ กินเข้าไปได้ไงอะ แวะ (huh ...gin kao pai dai ngai ah...wae!)

huh...how you can eat them?? ihh!!!

หนุ่มๆมีแต่ซุมโลโซ (num num mi tae sum loso)

boys are only low class

เมาเหล้าขาว เหล้าโท ซิ่งมอเตอร์ไซค์ (mao lao khao lao toa sing motor sai )

drunk with gin , Sato , Mortorbike races ( sato is a thai liquer)

ไม่เหมือนหนุ่ม ม.กรุงเทพ ( mai muen num mo krung thep )

not like Bangkok University boys

ขี่เบนซ์ ขี่เชฟ บีเอ็ม รุ่นใหม่ ( ki benz ki chef BM runmai)

driving new comming Mercedes, Cheflolet, BMW

ลูกทุ่งฟังไม่เป็นจริงๆ (Lug tung fang mai pen jing jing )

country song , I really can't listen!

ดาวชอบสตริง โฟร์ มด กอล์ฟ ไมค์ ( dao shob string for-mod golf-mike)

Dao like string music ..Four-Mod , Golf-Mike (Four-Mod and Golf-Mike is Thai's popular pop stars duos)

อยากไปเมืองทองธานี ดูอคาเดมี่แฟนตาเซีย (yak pai mueng tong tha ni du akademy fantasia )

want to go to Mueng Tong Thani , watch Akademi Fantasia (Mueng Tong Thani is a place in bkk)

ก็มีแต่เสียงอีสาน นกน้อย ปอยฝ้าย ( go mi tae sieng isaan noknoi poyfai )

here have just north-eastern's sound ..Noknoi Poyfai (Noknoi Poyfai is famous traditional noth-eastern's singer...I guess ^^U )

คำมอด ลูกแพร เงี๊ยะ หมอล้ำ หมอลำ (Kham Mod , Lug Prae ngia ...mo lam mo lam )

Kham Mod , Lug Prae ...mo lam mo lam ( Kham Mod , Lug Prae maybe n/e artists also , molam is north-eastern traditional music )

เซ็นทรัล โรบินสัน เดอะมอลล์ ( Central , Robinson , The mall )

Central , Robinson , The mall ( named of shopping malls in BKK )

เซเว่น บิ๊กซี ไม่มีที่บ้านหนองใหญ่

there are no Seven-eleven , BigC at Baan nong yai (7-11 and BigC are the name of convenion stores)

มีแต่ตลาดนัดคลองถม ไร้รสนิยม ดาวรับไม่ได้ ( mi tae talad nad klong tom rai rodsaniyom dao rab mai dai )

have just Cheap Market , has no trendy ..I can't stand it (^^UUU)

เสื้อยืดตัว199 ไม่รู้ว่าเขาใส่ได้ยังไง (sue yued tua roi-gao-gao mai ru wa khao sai gan dai yang ngai)

199 baht Tshirt, I don't know how they can wear it!

เคยเดินเล่นแถวเซ็นเตอร์พอยท์ (koey doen len taew center point )

I used to walk in Center Point ( Center point is popular zone for teens at SIAM ..BKK)

ต้องมาเดินต้อยๆไล่วัวไล่ควาย ( tong ma doen toi toi lai wua lai kwai )

now have to walk chasing oxen and buffalos

คิดมาเศร้าใจอดสู คิดถึงสังคมหรูๆ (kid ma sao jai od su kid tueng sang kom ru ru )

thinking back I'm so sad, I miss my high class social

ตอนที่ดาวเรียนอยู่เป็นดาวมหาลัย ( ton ti dao rien yu pen dao mahalai )

when dao study, being a university star

เจอสังคมบ้านนอกๆอย่างนี้ ดาวปรับตัวไม่ทันนะ ( goe sang kom baan nok yang ni Dao prab tua mai tan na )

facing with countryside social like this , I can't change

ไปนาใส่เกิบส้นสูง ตกคันนาหงายท้องดาวนั่งร้องไห้ ( pai na sai koeb son sung tog kan na ngai tong dao nang rong hai )

go to rice field with highheel shoes, I'm falling down . Dao was crying

ใส่เอวต่ำสายเดี่ยวเกี่ยวข้าว ( sai ew tam sai diew kiew khao )

wearing low waise pants, tank top picking rice

ควายเถิกควายเฒ่ายืนน้ำลายไหล ( kwai toeg kwai tao yuen nam lai lai )

bald buffalo, old buffalo stand looking horny ( bald buffalo, old buffalo means for men ^^U )

คุณแม่พานั่งรถอีแต๊ก หัวสั่นด๊อกแด๊ก ( khun mae pa nang rod i-tak , hua san dogdag)

Mom bring me taking I-tan vehicle , my head shaking (itan car is vehicle use in rural )

กลับถึงบ้านเป็นไข้ อยู่มหาลัยเป็นเชียร์ลีดเดอร์ ( klab tueng baan pen kai , yu mahalai pen cheerleader)

comming home being fever . at university I am a cheerleader.

เป็นพริตตี้ เป็นพรีเซ็นเตอร์ให้มาเป็นฟาร์เมอร์ ( pen pretty pen presenter hai ma pen farmer )

I am being pretty models, being presenter now you want me being farmer.

ดาวว่า มันไม่ใช่ มันไม่ใช่ตัวตนที่แท้จริงของดาวอะ (DAo wa man mai chai man maichai tua ton ti tae jing kong dao ah )

I think it's not! ...it's not me!!!!!

แม่ขาอยากกลับกรุงเทพ คิดถึงเพื่อนๆ ที่มหาลัย ( mae kah yag glab krung thep, kid tueng puen puen ti mahalai )

mom I wanna back to BKK , I miss my uni. friends

หนูเบื่อบ้านนอกคอกนา (nu buea baan nok kok na )

I'm bored at countryside

หยะแหยง ปลาร้า และกลิ่นโคน สาปควาย (ya-yaeng plara lae klin klone saab kwai )

disgusting salthy fish and rural smell (^^UUU)

ดาวเบื่อชีวิตคันทรี่ อยากไปอยู่ ซิตี้ เป็นดาวมหาลัย ( dao buea shivit country yak pai yu city pen dao mahalai)

I'm bored at country life. wanna go to city..being University star

อย่างหนูมันต้องอยู่กรุงเทพ ถึงจะตรงคอนเซ็ปต์ที่ดาวตั้งไว้อะ ( yang nu man tong yu krung thep tueng ja trong concept ti dao tang wai ah)

it's me, I must live in Bangkok..it's my concept

แม่ : คุณสิไปตายไสกะไปโลด ( khun si pai tai sai kah pai lod)**

Mom: you want to die hell..go!

ไห้ไปเรียนกะบ่มีประโยชน์ มาอยู่บ้านกะบ่มีประโยชน์ ( hai pai rien ka bo mi pra yod ma yu baan ka bo mi pra yod)**

bring you to study you are nonsense, come here you even still nonsense

ไปตายไสกะไปโลด ผมกะรับบ่ได้ ผมกะรับบ่ได้ ผมกะรับบ่ได้( pai tai sai ka pai lod pom ka rab bo dai ..pom karab bo dai ..pom karab bo daiii )**

wanna go die...go! ... I also can't stand it...can't stand it ..can't stand it!!!

แม่ : อี่ดาวมหาลัย อี่พรีเซ็นเตอร์ใหญ่ ผมเบิดนาไปจักท่งแล่ว (ii dao mahalai ii presenter yai. pom boed na pai jak tong laew )**

you uni.star... you big presenter!! ....blabla ( don't know what another sentense mean ^^U )

มื่อได๋ คุณสิเรียนจบกับเขาจักเทียละหือ ( mue dai khun si rien job gab khao jag tia la huh? )**

when will you graduate then huh?

ดาว : คุณแม่ขา มาว่าหนู่อย่างนี้ได้ยังไง( khun mae kah ma va nu yang ni dai ngai)*

Dao: mom , why you talk to me like that??

มันเสื่อมเสียเกียรติภูมิดาวมหาลัย นะคะ คุณแม่ขา( man suem sia kiat ti poom dao mahalai nakah khunmae kahh) *

it's ruin my honor of being uni.star. Momm!

แม่ : ว่าซือๆ กะไคตั๊ว ผมบ่ตีนยันตกคันแท กะบุญหัวคุณแล่วตั๊ว ( wa sue sue, ga kai tua pom bo yan tiin tog kan tae ka bun hua khun laew tua )**

Mom: talking honestly!! .. blabla (don't know ^^U) ...I don't kick you off ..it's your luck !

ดาว : แม่ไม่เข้าใจดาว แม่ไม่เข้าใจความเป็นดาวมหาลัย ( mae mai khao jai dao , mae mai khao jai dao mahalai)*

Dao: mom don't understand dao, mom don't understand university star!

แม่ไม่เซ้นสิถีฟ แม่ไม่เซ้นสิถีฟอ่อนไหวกับเรื่องอย่างนี้หรอก (mae mai sensitive ..mae mai sensitive on wai kab rueng yang ni roag )*

Dao: mom you are not sensitive, mom you are not sensitive with this!!!

แม่ : มีแต่ผมสิถีบคุณนั่นหละ อี่ดาวมหาลัยใหญ่ ( mi tae pom si tiib khun nan lae ii dao mahalai yai ) **

Mom: Just me wanna kick you...big university star!!

มื่อนี่หละคุณสิกลายเป็นดาวรุ่งพุ่งสู่เมร คุณฮู่บ่ หือ ( mue ni lae khun si glai pen dao rung pung su main khun hu bo huh? )

now..you will become star gone dead! ...you know that? huh?

^^U..............crazy song!!!

viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

How addicted to blogging are you???

lol I found this quizz , so I took it
surely I'm not that highscores ..
I'm kind of lazy blogging

67%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Dating Site

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

new old toys

today in evening,
I did found some ppl , sold their old things in front of their house..
looked normally but...the thing that interested me...
is a super traditional Doraemon Lamp,

one of them ..had made it himself..
they said this lamp used to be install on a truck before they took it off..
interesting isn't it?...well..I don't know why I like this that much ...haha
and this Doraemon cost only 50 baht!!! (around 1 euro)

and I bought some other toys there also...old toys..
mostly they are from Mc Donald's Happy Meal lol ...I like them ^ ^ (only 30 baht each!!)

inspirations are really closed to you =)

I've got the Powaaaa

today in Design Fundamental class,
I came in with some boring mood.. I don't have creative thinking to continue my works.
but my teacher Alvaro Conti turned me on!
lol ...now I'm in step of Development to Concept&Format..
that I had to think so hard...
and thank you Aj.Alvaro...you lighted me!!!

my sketch ^ ^...now still not looking that nice, but I'll keep continue developing it.


we [heart] tipografia

This was what we did on Monday,

it's our typefaces presentations for Typography study.

this is my typeface " Journal" ( one sheet right on wall, and four sheets on window)
I spent 1 week to finish it

some type faces of my friends

lol doesn't it looked interesting with the typefaces wallpaper??

rabbis in action

today me and annika was playing in photolab for photo sequences works ^ ^
for these pics ..I modeled for her in crazy acts lol ..with her new sony alpha xDD!!!


sábado, 10 de enero de 2009

Children's Day yay!!

Happy kid's day...

I have nothing just this drawing that I did this morning ^ ^

don't forget..some kids still waiting for their bright futures

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

random thought 5

as I always thought...

Einstein is not all right...

and I don't think imagination is more important than knowledge at all..

for me my imaginations won't comes without knowledge...

like my design project is not created without knowing about number sequences.

but only just knowledge I also can't do anything...

so...better just make balance..because they are both important.

Don't believe me...I'm not Einstein.

random thought 4

Limo... Hippo... Judo... Typo!!!!

Nerd tests lol

low rank lol ...no ..I'm not even!T.T

I am nerdier than 69% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk on the nerd forum!

NerdTests.com says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd Queen.  Click to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

just for a bit fun

I found these tests on my fer's blog xDDD