jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Hey birds

Now my house has 2 bird nests, 1 with a little birds and 1 with 2 eggs.
the nest with little bird is in my mom's Orchid pod and it's so interactive living,
every time you tick a little your finger on he orchid's leaf..this little bird will raise his head and start vibrating, after a while it will be calm like always . lol lol lol
I took a video for it =)

and this is some pics I take him ^ ^ he's too cute!!

and another cage is in my dad's wooden ship model in the balcon
but still be eggs :)

and this is my dad's ship. lol

the bird is so choosy for its resident xDD

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Ferk dijo...

ohhh!!! three little birds again!
hahaha the vibrating one is funny.. poor kid!