lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

my morse code chart

according to Fernando's blog, he did his morse chart (based on G.Reinhold's)

I love his idea to categorize the alphabets by the number of syllables ..lovely!
but I did again in my version based on his chart..
just adding some colors and change fonts but sorry for crappy work..just want to try

OMG..color changed ...I use Black white and red ..
well it becomes white blue and green when posting lol
doesn't matter :P

Morse code on google title! =D

Today on the main google page title picture (text) is different from other days ..(as always when it has special days)

Today is Samuel Morse birthday, it's never been on my interested before ..till now
this guy created the famous "Morse code" more than 160 years ago
such a lovely idea, isn't it!?

and finally you know what does this mean?

.. + .-.. --- ...- . + -.-- --- ..- + -.. .- .-. .-.. .. -. --.


How to make twins


domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

there's another one who named Namasri???

Besure that there's no one in my country named Namasri..
it's only me who has crazy name like this in Thailand.
but in there's also Namasri in India, I used tosearch on google
and the thing that made me most amazed...
there's Namasri in Mexico!!!
I searched my name again in google and I found it!

lol take a look!!!

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

what is Pi?

mathematicians: it's the scale of circumference / diameter of the same circle
Programmer: it's 3.141592655389 by having 2 times accuracy????? O.o
Physicians: it's 3.14159, +- not more than 0.000005
Engineers: is around 22/7
Food Scientists: it's a kind of dessert or food that is delicious and good for health!

jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

Tasto Wasabi @.@

HAVE YOU EVER tried the SNACK which fill the Wasabi powder in it?
I has this sometimes ago, it's quite feel strange but it's not bad.

Tasto Wasabi , potato chips with the wasabi powder in little package inside.

and the thing I like xD , in little wasabi package..there're the sassy (spicy or something it can discribe for wasabi) levels on the package ..little , midium,strong. I love this idea on it.

well I don't like wasabi at all, but this snack is not so bad.

Green Shopping

well this is no any eco things. I just went to Chatuchak Plants market because my mom wants some little plants.
Today, she bought 15 pots of little ferns, 1 dolzen purple orchids and well a plant I'm not sure what is it called .
My mom quite loves plants and gardening. Especially Orchid (or anything orchid-like) and Cuctuses.
Now my house is full of those plants eww X.x

Hey birds

Now my house has 2 bird nests, 1 with a little birds and 1 with 2 eggs.
the nest with little bird is in my mom's Orchid pod and it's so interactive living,
every time you tick a little your finger on he orchid's leaf..this little bird will raise his head and start vibrating, after a while it will be calm like always . lol lol lol
I took a video for it =)

and this is some pics I take him ^ ^ he's too cute!!

and another cage is in my dad's wooden ship model in the balcon
but still be eggs :)

and this is my dad's ship. lol

the bird is so choosy for its resident xDD