lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Finally I've made Aquarium

Months ago, Fernando told me about an online lives game named Second Life because I told him I wanted to design places.

I started playing it after exam and well it's quite nice, a bit like the sims but sometimes different. There're places to create houses by yourself, but sometimes you can't do because it's already have owner and they don't allowed you to create things.

Some days ago I visited a German place , München (Munich) There're many shops, places and cafe and some rooms that's no people using it.

I choose an Empty room, which maybe already has owner, but's not prohibit to create things in this room , so I and Fernando transfrom this room to be aquarium. ( sorry owner :) )
to create things is not that hard , a bit like you create 3D in your computer program but it's in game.

I took some snapshots of Aquarium to show you how weird is it. lol

this is me and Fernando ( on horse) in front of our Aquarium

we have big fish swimming in the room and the white lucky cat standing at the door

purple lighting

view from top

I will clear up room soon , before owner see it =)

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