martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

my boring diary, and rabbislab buletin

today I just took the last examination of the end semester of my 1st year uni life.
well, gonna tell that I feel everything going so fast
and wow, you see? ...I'm gonna be the 2 year student soon.
but before that on Thursday I got portfolio interview
and I have to do more of sounds in my video for design fundamental project...
it's so bird....very bird....birdest thing in my life ever...I promise

and next life after this, I'll do another thing I love.
I'll continue my music project Rabbislab.
Some of my better music will be instead of those experimental funny sounds of me.
I'm sorry, that time I don't want my band myspace without anything to listen.- -
and...well, anymusic style. ...I love all, I just love more ambient ,electronica and metal.
and who likes to join me , want to play with me or ...just want to mess me is free.

and Finally, I found that messy hair cat today, :)
happy to see you

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