domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Apple + honey

(my apple..normal sweet red ones with simple..honey)

yay...well haven't uploaded my blog so long time

maybe it's time to brush up hahahh

ok, today I just ...have some special little thing that I ate, it's so simple but so nice, Pieces of apple dipped with honey! Not new invention, not far to reach..just simple things in your kitchen, well the reason I write about it ..I never ate them together till now and I found that it's such a great..just that :)

I felt excited till I have to google it!..and I found that some people likes that also. Jewish people ate also this apple and honey on the night of Rosh Hashana. the Jewish NewYear...this year is on sunset September 18, 2009 - nightfall September 20, 2009 (Jewish Year 5770) sounds fun!

oke ..the details I'll tell again on Rosh Hashana nights in september...and of course ..eating apple with honey :-) I'm not Jew..but it really sounds fun!..I'll wait till that time!!!

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