miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Lens Lens Lens

Yestery I went to Optical shop for buying new contactlens...
and one thing that I know, my eyesight gone worse than I was. from -3.00 to -4.50!!!

but I still can use the -3.00 glasses by see everything clear as it used to be , what da heck!

maybe, it's because I'm spending much time on computer =.=, but anyway I think when I'm older my eye sight surely gone increase, maybe I becomes normal eyesight hahaha

pics of my 3 boxes DUNA Life Soft lens that I bought yesterday. :)
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KC dijo...

Hi Rabbiscuit... :-)
Nice blog. I m KC...from Singapore.
Hey, where did you buy these contact lenses? Who is the manufacturer?