miércoles, 30 de abril de 2008

rabbispics folders

..I cleaned up my computer

..I have many beautiful pics for blogging

and some of my geek face photos :P

here if you wanna see.. http://www.4shared.com/file/45925367/27e1ddce/rabbispics.html

..Polar bear has nothing to do ...now she has work! ^o^

martes, 29 de abril de 2008

Killing boredom

I'm ..during the vacation ..

it's not so fun ..because I have nothing to do

well, I can go out of the house

..but ..I hate teh HOTNESS of Weather

I maybe the most boring people living also

..because I've started bored at myself right now

well..I did tried many things...

composing music = I have no mood for that

drawing + illustration = I have no inspiration

Watching porn + hentai = I got bore of them

taking pics = just fun at some minutes ..

cooking = just for dinner

reading = nothing to read now

gardening = of course ..too hot

swimming = bored and hot

cycling = too hot

internet etc., myspace, blogging, VF = can't help

games = just some minutes fun

bathing = just some minutes fun

shopping = I don't know what to buy, not this time

house cleaning = I do everyday ..can't help

play with pets = just for some minutes

being a BITCH dance dance = too bored to be bitch :P

bellydance = just some minutes fun

mangas = borest of the bored

drumming = not in mood

well ...that's just the reason of LOSER!

and well ..now I'm loser

I dared to tell that I'm the most lasy girl in this world

I just wanna be ...like pola bear

..can you teach me?

*..this blog entry is not good to read ..because it's too boring long*

I just begged..not interesting

c ya ..in somedays


martes, 22 de abril de 2008

AD AD ADzzz!

Ads Ads ...rabbiscuit loves ads ^O^
well, maybe I have too much freetimes ..that I have nothing to do...
so ..today..I'll posing for my favorite TV Ads that I love..
Their creative idee raise me haha

French: aids prevention ad Gay Version

Comment: Straight to the point xD easy communicated ..humorous cool idea! I love it!
and especially ..it's GAY <3>

Thai: Warrior Siang Pure Oil

Comment: the idea is about the Mongol troopers is having war.. the head trooper gets dizzy, so he saw that there's 4 suns. " I realized that ..the day that has 4 suns ..mongolians ..shouldn't have War! " he said hahahahaha ...that's the commercial for Siang Pure Oil ..it's for who's being Dizzy.

Thai: Sanwa water tab.

Comment: Sanwa always has sexy girls for ad . that makes people think that they buy sanwa because of beautiful girl. This Ad ..show you that no matter they use sexy girls or the ugly man for the ad ..this tab still be popular for Thai people ...but ... it'll be better to make your costomer happy..isn't it? :D

Thai: PattayaCity ( is fun every square inch )

Comment: ^^ Pattaya city , Thaiand traveling ad

Laos: Laos telecom ad

Comment: looking for Thailand's neighbor ^ ^ ..cute xD Laos language is so much like Thai ^ ^ just special favs for this video ^ ^ ..although not so much cool idea but I still like it hahaah "call and Smile...call and smile...:D "

the another cool ads will on blog another day ^ ^ ...my computer too snail today

martes, 15 de abril de 2008

funny sexy video xDDD

Naked naked naked O..O ....


.....so ..naked!

little birds are more growing up now ^ ^

today I take video of them ^ ^

little birds in my garage ;)

and then ..if they can fly ..they will go away ..

I'll miss you ^ ^

jueves, 10 de abril de 2008

new sleepy hair cut

this hair make me looked more sleepy than I used to be =.=

muuahhhhhhhhhhh! =.=

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lunes, 7 de abril de 2008


today I'm not so good,

I have stomachace so much

..but I don't want to take medicine now ....

I don't want to make it accustommed with it ...

^ ^ ..tomorrow will be better ....

almost crying ..but ...I won't cry now :)

domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

sukiyaki night :D

Tonight I'll prepare for sukiyaki ,

mom wanna eat :P

I go shopping some tofus, and balls :D

they all looked delicious !

blinkkk!! ..^ ^ ..ready to eat!
sukiyaki contains of mushrooms, meat, tofus, balls, eggs, glassnoodles and veggies :)
tonight we also has steamed fishe haha ..
Guten Appetit!! :)

Treesssss <3

today we shopping so much trees ..

mom got many beautiful plants for her garden

I got a tree called ..Dala ^ ^ ..it's hot zone tree :) beautiful pink flower

and then ..mom want also the cactuses ..she collected them

I said that why she doesn't buy this big one ?.....in the pic

but dad ..he scared ..it's too big!

..he used to get pierce buy my mom's cactus once haha

little cute things ^ ^

today I go out for buying trees with my family ,

I stoped for a while when I see a shop..with many reptile animals :)

I asked mom if I can have these cute turtles ...but

she didn't allowed me ..TT.TT

she said .." we have so much pets in the house ..it's enough" ^^U

bai bai turtles ^ ^

Kid birds

ahh..little birds out of the eggs now..

this pic I took today morning

while their mother was not at the nest ..shh! O.O'

they are still be ...little ..and few quills xD

sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Happy machine : )

during way home ..
I keep my eyes on this cute red thing!
it's coin -inserted phonecard machine xD
it's cute ..isn't it? ..

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today ..I bought 2 styles of dry eggs soup ^^
Laver and spinach

wanna try :P
although I hate vegetables -*-

summer drink :D

tralalaaaa ..summer time!

the season that I went to convenient store the most...

..yes..for drinks ^ ^

my top 5 forever faves still be ..

1. Green tea and another tea ( just wanna try new favors ...here we have so many)
2. Energy drink(yes ..feel so fresh:) )
3. Cola ( I can't drink much because of stomach..but still be my fav. )
4. Coffee
5. Mineral water

jueves, 3 de abril de 2008


that butterfly ...
ruining now

it was my wrong that I keep it in the box?
maybe yes..but


I don't keep it ...
will it fly away?

..I'm sorry Miss butterfly
it won't happen again


Funniest time of life
Endless of love
Radiant of happiness
Nothing that can change
A cute boy I'm loving
Nothing that can stop
Doing craziness of us
On our heart

..........I love you ..and will still be love you ..forever.........

miércoles, 2 de abril de 2008

This guy ..make me dance ^ ^

Sakurazuka Yakkun-1000% SO zakune
Uploaded by fanPikminlink

I love you ..Yakkun Sakurazuka! ^o^

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