miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

new old toys

today in evening,
I did found some ppl , sold their old things in front of their house..
looked normally but...the thing that interested me...
is a super traditional Doraemon Lamp,

one of them ..had made it himself..
they said this lamp used to be install on a truck before they took it off..
interesting isn't it?...well..I don't know why I like this that much ...haha
and this Doraemon cost only 50 baht!!! (around 1 euro)

and I bought some other toys there also...old toys..
mostly they are from Mc Donald's Happy Meal lol ...I like them ^ ^ (only 30 baht each!!)

inspirations are really closed to you =)

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Ferk dijo...

Ah ah ah, totemo daisuki.. Doraeee-mo-n(8)

The spaguetti girl looked nice xD
Here I've never been in a old things selling here