sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Happy Rosh Hashana :)

ok ...it's time you can dip your apple in honey and make a wish haha

Rosh Hashana is Jewish newyear this year is on September 18th for detail visit HERE

I visit youtube and search for nice rosh hashana video to watch ..I found this cartoon it's from rosh hashana year 2006. anyway ...:P enjoy your new year ..if the christian new year you have not celebrate at all...you have another chance today. ^ ^

Happy new year to all jewish people and all of you who want to celebrate :)

domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

Apple + honey

(my apple..normal sweet red ones with simple..honey)

yay...well haven't uploaded my blog so long time

maybe it's time to brush up hahahh

ok, today I just ...have some special little thing that I ate, it's so simple but so nice, Pieces of apple dipped with honey! Not new invention, not far to reach..just simple things in your kitchen, well the reason I write about it ..is ..I never ate them together till now and I found that it's such a great..just that :)

I felt excited till I have to google it!..and I found that some people likes that also. Jewish people ate also this apple and honey on the night of Rosh Hashana. the Jewish NewYear...this year is on sunset September 18, 2009 - nightfall September 20, 2009 (Jewish Year 5770) sounds fun!

oke ..the details I'll tell again on Rosh Hashana nights in september...and of course ..eating apple with honey :-) I'm not Jew..but it really sounds fun!..I'll wait till that time!!!

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009


whoohooo! June ELLE(Thailand) with free shopping bag xD

this such a nice one :) SUMMER UPDATED! YAY! TUFF! hell...in Thailand it's rainy season - -u

I normally read woman magazine I have many fave ones ...but I didn't buy all stuffs in every months lol

my Favorite Woman Magazine Top 5:
1.Cosmopolitan (all girls like it I think)
3.Cawaii (japanese style)
5.Marie Claire

yay... ;D

miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

you made me feel so blue.

Yesterday along the little street way, some place near Yawarat (china town), Bangkok Thailand.
at least we found oasis in these boring same buildings
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Lens Lens Lens

Yestery I went to Optical shop for buying new contactlens...
and one thing that I know, my eyesight gone worse than I was. from -3.00 to -4.50!!!

but I still can use the -3.00 glasses by see everything clear as it used to be , what da heck!

maybe, it's because I'm spending much time on computer =.=, but anyway I think when I'm older my eye sight surely gone increase, maybe I becomes normal eyesight hahaha

pics of my 3 boxes DUNA Life Soft lens that I bought yesterday. :)
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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Life as a super lazy person

today I'm at my home as always ... bored as hell, I don't even wanna move
I feel today is my laziest day in my vacation.

This is my today's activity:

10 or 11 o'clock I woke up so late and went down stair to drink some soda and I saw some chicken on the table so I ate it, then turned on my computer to looked around in the internet and started watching youtube.

12 o'clock still watching youtube, my boyfriend was online and he went to university at 12.45

13 o'clock still watching youtube and realized something actually happen around me...
14 o'clock still watching youtube , realized that I'm so lazy and I was bit hungry.

15 o'clock paused a bit on sofa and started thinking what I really want to do today , my boyfriend was online again at 15.25 and I feel more hungry now

so...I conclude some messy things that I think I wanted to do

1. get something to eat - but I'm too lazy to go out and I also don't know what to eat.
2. buy a new kitchen towel dress - but I'm too lazy to go out and I don't know why I want the new one because I already had one but I don't know where is it now, maybe not so necessary.
3. searching for my own towel - but not found ..so I think I wanna buy new one.
4. decorate or reorganize some corners of my house - but I'm too lazy, I had no enough motivations to do that.
5. wanted to be a stock photographer - but now I don't know what shit happening with my usb port from my camera ( my dad bought me new one some weeks ago -Nikon D60), I still can't uploading any pics to computer.
6. wanted to call for someone who can help me upload my pic to my computer - but I'm too lazy to call him and I didn't have his number.
7. I want some models to take photos - but I'm at home and lazy to go out to meet some friends.
8. want to continue my drawing from yesterday - but I'm lazy to do it, lack of creativities and motivations.
9. I wanted to rebuild the kitchen and walk-in closet - but...way too far.
10. wanted to cook - but I'm lazy...I don't know what I want to cook.
11. wanted to go out some where - but I'm lazy to go out, and my body also very lazy.
12. wanted to continue my music - but I'm laaazy and I have no mood right now.
13. watching movie - but ...I was bored.
14. wanted to standing up from my sofa - but... I'm too lazy.
15. wanted to sleep - but I try now I'm not sleepy

so then ..I stay still on sofa around half hour by doing nothing
around 15.45 still being on sofa and do nothing just look up to my ceiling and think that I wanted to have an over head shelf but...no...maybe now impossible.

16 o'clock use my all energy to stand up and go to toilet. I washed my face and tide up my hair.
I'm hungry so much! so I went out to nearest place to buy some lazy cooking food to eat.

I went to supermarket, buy a package of microwave-cooking carbonara and finally I bought kitchen towel dress.. so I came back home to eat.

16.30 I put my carbonara in microwave using 3 minutes to heat, then I saw some dishes on the sink so I washed them.

16.45 I wanted to feel most comfortable and happy while eating this delicious carbonara so, preparing some ice, soda and a nice movie to watch while eating.

17 o'clock I ate my carbonara, drinking cold soda and watching movie in same time. I wanted it feel most comfortable but I think I just choose wrong movie ( I just watched "slap her, she is french" on DVD ) maybe, my carbonara is not so delicious because of this. (this what I have to prove next time that it's really true or not) also my pasta was already cold while I was eating.
my nice meal was fail

17.30 I finish eating so I turned off that movie while it was still not finish. and my boyfriend was greeting me hi on my comp.

18 o'clock I watched youtube again, thinking of posting some blog entry about how lazy I am.

20.22 still making my new blog entry, and thinking to upload some pic of my carbonara...

then...is it...my carbonara

my carbonara after heating by miccrowave. (uploaded already)
but this looked not so ..carbonara at all.

this looked more delicious... have nice meal.. ( next uploaded)
Carbonara by S&P, 67.50 baht and easy to cook, very nice for lazy person who don't want to spend more money to eat carbonara in restaurant.. or to lazy to cook.
!!!!!! but beware choose the correct movie while eating.!!!!!

18.31 thinking that I should stop this entry before it gone too far...looking at the word "Publicar entrada" to publish this entry.

now ..willing to click...

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

my morse code chart

according to Fernando's blog, he did his morse chart (based on G.Reinhold's)

I love his idea to categorize the alphabets by the number of syllables ..lovely!
but I did again in my version based on his chart..
just adding some colors and change fonts but sorry for crappy work..just want to try

OMG..color changed ...I use Black white and red ..
well it becomes white blue and green when posting lol
doesn't matter :P