viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

corn soup

end of the world, finally I made it this food for summer? ^^UUU
hot weather + hot soup = ...- -


today morning my mother bought many corns,
she said it's very cheap today, so she bought them
well, now I'm not sure what should I do with them.
any corn dish for summer?

martes, 24 de marzo de 2009

me in the dirty mirror

random pic, taken yesterday on my bathroom making some dirty mirror lol
almost Songkarn festival, this year can we play powder water???

hello summer!

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

FunFan in Bangkok with Aoba

Yesterday I went to a Japanese designer Masuteru Aoba's Workshop at ASCOTT in Sathorn, Bangkok about Graphic Design and making traditional Japanese fan

looked so ..formal isn't it?

my teacher Takashi (black shirt) was still translating the the lecture from Masuteru (blue shirt)

in Lecture Masuteru showed some of his graphic design works. They are very cool and he's very much ecology human. He did many works for Ecology.

then we have workshop on design and put it on the tradition Japanese fan we made
but unfortunately my battery too low to take more pics
and our fans has been shown up in exhibition Funfan in Bangkok at Central world
I still didn't come, but yeah's cool isn't it?


Finally I've made Aquarium

Months ago, Fernando told me about an online lives game named Second Life because I told him I wanted to design places.

I started playing it after exam and well it's quite nice, a bit like the sims but sometimes different. There're places to create houses by yourself, but sometimes you can't do because it's already have owner and they don't allowed you to create things.

Some days ago I visited a German place , München (Munich) There're many shops, places and cafe and some rooms that's no people using it.

I choose an Empty room, which maybe already has owner, but's not prohibit to create things in this room , so I and Fernando transfrom this room to be aquarium. ( sorry owner :) )
to create things is not that hard , a bit like you create 3D in your computer program but it's in game.

I took some snapshots of Aquarium to show you how weird is it. lol

this is me and Fernando ( on horse) in front of our Aquarium

we have big fish swimming in the room and the white lucky cat standing at the door

purple lighting

view from top

I will clear up room soon , before owner see it =)

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

Samba with me???

Now I'm deeply in love with Samba =)
fly me to Brazil now!!!
here is my favorite music <3>

my boring diary, and rabbislab buletin

today I just took the last examination of the end semester of my 1st year uni life.
well, gonna tell that I feel everything going so fast
and wow, you see? ...I'm gonna be the 2 year student soon.
but before that on Thursday I got portfolio interview
and I have to do more of sounds in my video for design fundamental project...
it's so bird....very bird....birdest thing in my life ever...I promise

and next life after this, I'll do another thing I love.
I'll continue my music project Rabbislab.
Some of my better music will be instead of those experimental funny sounds of me.
I'm sorry, that time I don't want my band myspace without anything to listen.- -
and...well, anymusic style. ...I love all, I just love more ambient ,electronica and metal.
and who likes to join me , want to play with me or ...just want to mess me is free.

and Finally, I found that messy hair cat today, :)
happy to see you