lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

my morse code chart

according to Fernando's blog, he did his morse chart (based on G.Reinhold's)

I love his idea to categorize the alphabets by the number of syllables ..lovely!
but I did again in my version based on his chart..
just adding some colors and change fonts but sorry for crappy work..just want to try

OMG..color changed ...I use Black white and red ..
well it becomes white blue and green when posting lol
doesn't matter :P

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Ferk dijo...

Achh!! why color changed? ^^U
Black and red surely better u.u
xD but still cool!

mm.. well in fact my categorizing was not by the number of syllables.. it was intended to be constructing a tree.

like this

see? if you go to left following the DOT line you will add a "dot" and if you follow the line with DASH it will be like adding a "dash"

so.. for example, for going to the "K" in the tree you have to go right-left-right (dash, dot, dash) going dow in the tree