miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

High noon in Mae Klong, SamutSongkram

Today I traveled with my auntie to SamutSongkram(sa-mut-song-kram)
a province not so much Far from Bangkok.

It was quite sunny day when we arrived.

We drive first to Kromaluang Chumpon Shrine ( site with English descriptions )
that we Thai people believed that visit and pay respect to his shrine make us lucky.
I was making some wishes for myself and my family.
I also bought a 1,500 fireworks, people believed that Krommaluang Chumpon loved it.
the sound while quite loud they burst. ^ ^u

after left the shrine, we go shopping at Don Hoilod where has much seafood products for us.

da da daaa... non-instant seafood shop near the sea ...welcome to Don Hoilod ;)

mostly are dry fish and another seafood sold here..
I bought many of them back for today....I think it can eat around 1 - 2 weeks. haha

Pla Insi tak-hang (dry Spanish mackerels)..it's very salty and smell so strong..
well.. a bit like Western's anchovy.
We often eat with rice or sometimes contain in some Thai food.

we love fishh

already fried fish for testers...(free for eating) ...they were fantastic!

Our (late) lunch time at SamutSongkram,
our familiar foods ( but it's more special than that :) )

1st... Som-tam Thai ( Thai papaya salad)

2nd Grilled Chicken :P

Som-tam Yod maprao on ( heart of cononut palm+ seafood salad)
this is my favorite dish ^ ^ ..very nice!!

Lab Ruammit Talay( mixed seafood Lab )

Som-tam Khai Kem ( Papaya salad with salted eggs ) XP

lTab-wahn ( sweet liver ) ^ ^
....sounds disgusting but yes ..delicious and ..I like it xD

after luch we went a bit to my auntie's friends :) I got many snacks haha
then we drive back home but before that
...we stop at seafood product shop again (in different place ^ ^ )

Tadammmm! seafoods! ...smell a bit strong, but many things for you to choose!

Dry Hanging Pla Ryu-kyu (GIANT CATFISH) xD

dry fish, dry clams, dry shrimps ..etc @.@
when we eat them...we have to fry them before ^ ^

there's even ....dry squids xDD..

hanging big Pla Insi ( Spanish mackerels ) :P

around market place areas ..we are so full and wasted money
that made us already die happily! haha

SamutSongkram has more cool places that I didn't go
...like floating market Ampawa, and some fly fire light trips at night.
This province's phenomenon is never die ^ ^

I backed home with full of dry seafoods ^ ^U...
some of them I even have never eaten before ...^ ^ but I can give to my parents as gifts.
End of my super full day ^_^ see ya!

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