jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008

first week of secound semester

I was here in SOAD for 1 semester already,

everything was going so fast,

I did learn..and having exams

till now...I started to learn again...it's next start

... I was happy...with studies and friends..and studio.

This semester gonna be happen again,

I wait for this time...I did stay lonely at home with nothing

I'm not kind of person that loves being with much people

but at least, I have things to make me busy..and rush

some people don't like it...but I do

...this week I already had much works "fundamental of typographic communication"

I hate those difficult fonts that I MUST do with my hand-drawing..

but in same time...I love them .. I got fonts called Journal

they will stay with me for 10 weeks.

I'll do my best.

just my diary and my deep thought
...don't think about that too much ...it's just crazy..I maybe only one who can understand it

and...see you again..my crazy blog

when I want to...I'm a dictator

also ..I'm mad...I'm bad...I'm lazy...I'm loser...I'm ugly

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