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[BUD] Bangkok Unintended Design

[BUD] Bangkok Unintended Design


Host:Chris (Christian Phongphit) in cooperation with BDF Bangkok Design Festival

Start Time: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 10:00am
End Time: Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 9:00pm

Location: BACC Bangkok Art & Culture Center
Street: opposite MBK & Siam Discovery Center
City/Town: Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: 0875189535 (phone) / artist@berlin.de


Bangkok Unintended Design [BUD]
Interactive Project @ BDF Bangkok Design Festival 2008

The Day-to-day redefining of the defined.

Norms become ‘abnormally’ transformed – every day, everywhere, by everyone. It is about the use and the exploitation of objects already designed: the chair (also) becomes a coat stand, a surface to put things on, a laddar or – for example by piling books on the seat – a child’s chair; staples are suitable for cleaning fingernails; magnets on the fridge turn it into a notice board; steps are not just there to overcome differences in height, but also serve as seats and ramps for skaters; jam jars accomodate pens and Biros
– the possibilities are endless.

What to do ?

Many more examples of uninteded Design in Bangkok will almost certainly have occurred to you whilst looking the [BUD] Photo's @ facebook. So grab your camera and discover your own Bangkok environment and look for this kind of objects. Take pictures, print it out and fix it in the:

Bangkok Uninteded Design BDF Showcase
@ Bangkok Art & Cultur Center (opposite MBK),
4th floor,
14 – 26 October 2008.

Please write down you name and email address on the back side of each Photo. Thanks. By doing so, you are giving consent for your photos to be published free of charge under your name. Given enough material, there may will be a [BUD] Book.

Recognize the purely everyday ! [BUD] - an analytic, more sensitive reception of your environment. Design is about notice, notice, notice. You can observe a lot just by watching. Lets small things excit you. Love details ! You can find inspiration in everything, everywhere. Sharpen your sences ! Most people live with a bag over their head; so wake up your creative Perception & visual awareness – open your eyes and be part of [BUD] @ the Bangkok Design Festival 2008


“Design must embrace misunderstandings, mistakes and so-called misuse by people as a source of innovation and a means of improving cultural diversity.”
(from: First Declaration of the St. Moritz Design Summit)

Take nothing for granted but perceive the possibility for change in everything !


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Looks like the same thing he said in your first class... :P

María Cristina Ibarra dijo...

Hi! My name is Maria and I am studying this topic in the project for my master. I would like to know (if you allow me), where you got this name "Unintended Design". Thank you a lot beforehand!