miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

diary of braces rabbit : Month 1

This month ..I have something adding in my mouth
..permanently for around 2-3 years
I'm now wearing brace ^ ^ first month
still try to accustomed with it.

Firstly, I did have to prepared the mouth to have brace about 1-2 months..
it's a bit hurt times, totally I had to take 8 teeth off.
6 teeth are normally taking off but I had 2 teeth impaction inside
...I had to have operation to take it off. ...for this step..it took around 2 months

after all mouth clearing, next step is tartar removal.
it's not that much hurt, but I hate it...I remembered the sounds of dentist's tools in my mouth,
it's like a sew or mad motorbike riding around on my teeth. I always felt unsafe ..but well ..it's nothing ...just my feeling.

Then, for 1 weeks after that, I had braces on my upper teeth..I was worried about my looking so much ^^U... and I became ...hmm.. how can I say...metal teeth girl?

the problems that I faced few days after wearing braces ..I couldn't chew nor bite. I can eat only soft things or soup, and to clean my teeth is more harder I have a tool and a special toothbrush from dentist also.
Everything was alright, till next other week... I had braces on lower teeth. I couldn't chew again for some days, eating only soup ^^U...that time ...I wanted to eat meat so much,
also fried chicken, cheese burgers and pizzas, but my teeth was not so ready to do that.
Now I can eat meat, and chew that good already. But still haven't have some pizza nor cheese burger. ....almost be accustomed ^ ^
Achh, I have to wait for 2-3 years to take it off. but well, times pass so fast...^ ^
that time I'll be more cooler smile ^_^

now I can only braces smile ...hope you don't mind hahah

see you next month, braces rabbit still be continue...

braces kisses,

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