lunes, 15 de octubre de 2007

Palabrotas ...คำสบถ(kham sabot)

Stars Rate ...
* normally
** use for friends group is ok
*** you should beware
**** RUN AWAY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!! if you still want to be alive!


โอ้แม่เจ้า !(oh mae jao) = oh my god O.O (*)

พระเจ้า !(prajao) = gosssh! - -U (*)

nomal but not so polite:

เฮ้ย !(hoeyyy)= huhhhhh! O_Ou (**)

ไอ้บ้า! (ai bah )= you idiot!, baka!(**,***)

อะไรวะ?!?! (a rai wah! ) = whattt??(**,***)


สุดตีน! (sud teen!) = super! (**,***)
เชด! (shedddd!)= goshh! (**)

super unpolite:

ควาย! (kway)= buffalo means foolish!(****)

พ่อมึงตาย! (poh mueng tai)...your father die!..means like ..shit!(****)

สาด/สัด! (sadd!)...asshole!(**,***,****)

เยด แม่! (yed mae!) ...fuck your mother!..means ...fuck!(****)

เหี้ย! (hia)... water lizard...means like ..asshole!(****)

เยดเป็ด (yed ped)...fuck the duck...means fuck!(**,***)

^ ^


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