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LANGUAGE : Thai usage part 1

To Fernando

hmm ...I'll tell you about the endings of Thai words by the Vowels

อะ (ah) ...has short sound ...this 99 symbol you couldn't put the endings

like นะ คะ จะ coun't put the ending.... and ....if you want to put the ending on อะ

it will be ....อั(ending) like รัก นัก มัก นัน สัน ...

you maybe can see the character without vowel put along in have to pronouse

"ah" on it like - จันทนา ..will be pronouce like จัน-ทะ-นา ( jan - ta - na)

- สระ .... will be pronouse like .... สะ - ระ ( sa - ra )

- สวัสดี ... sa wad dee ^ ^

but but but but ..beware! about "Kam Kwuaap Glam: คำ ควบกล้ำ" (a word with a syllable that has a double-initial consonant)

there's 2 kinds of kam kwaap glam ...1.real KKG 2.unreal KKG

1. the real has "ร ล ว" behind the first chars กราน is Kran not ka-ran ^ ^

ปลิบ is Plib not pa - lib , ความ is Kwam not ka - wam

2. for the unreal ...has 2 situation ...

one,when จ ซ ศ ส mix with ร won't have ร sound.... like ..

จริง jing not jring ไซร้ .... is Sai not Srai สร้าง Sang not Srang

and also my name นะมะศรี ...pronouce Na - ma -si not na ma sri ...(but for we usually spell ศรี in English alphabet as Sri ..but ...remember....the pronouse is Si

*** but except on the word สระ can read in two ways... sara and sa

so they has different meanings ...sara means the vowels ...and sa means the pool

(Ps. in ไซร้ and สร้าง have the tonal accent you see? ..that's not vowel it's tonal accent English don't habe tonal accents so Thinglish we don't write the tonal accents on it ) XD

2. with Sara "OH " short sound ...โ-ะ (hey hey's not โ "O" long sound ..the โ with ะ it will be "oh"..short sound ^ ^ )

like โอะ - oh ....โนะ - no ...โกะ - ko ( they are short sounds)

and ..when the โอะ has endings...the โ and the ะ will be disappear ^ ^U

like ...rok is รก ....nom is นม .....non is นน

ps . it's looked so familiar with " the character without vowel along the word" isn't it? ...means ..that's depends on the meaning of that word ^ ^U have to remember them...hmm

like ..นม always read NOM but ..if it's the old word in the verse or some name it maybe read as too

but ...don't worry about it ...because nana raka nana etc. are usually found in the old language in the ..when you see that form of words usually be spell like "oh" ^ ^

hmmmm...hope you can understand it ^ ^U

I'll summarize the another Thai usages to you again next time ^ ^

...rak maak maak!



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