jueves, 31 de julio de 2008


Today is my Birthday,

so ...I go little celebrated with my aunt at Oishi Japanese Buffet

I'm so full =x=

I take some pics of foods also ^ ^

mini dishes of octopus, fresh lime tuna, soba and seaweed :P

sushi, hotpot, salmond ..etc.

miso soup ( tofu/ seaweed/ some vegs added )

a hmm..dish of soba( forgot the name) , shells with sake
and Japanese eel. ( absolutely weird taste)

end with ah ...pretty normal delicious jelly :D
but I love it anyway.

"All you can eat. But...pay what you left" xDDD
this is the word on the the dishes xDD

well, it's buffet, we pay and pick any food we want...as much as we need ^ ^

but you have to eat them all! ...that you pick xDDD

and ...yep! ...Namo can eat all

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