sábado, 19 de julio de 2008

2 new accessories! ^ ^

today, I went to Shopping at JJ plaza

there're many cool things and also not so expensive!!!

I got yellow shoes! ^ ^

glossy glossy! ..isn't it cute? ^O^

my sized is 39 here ....but some place it's 40 ...some place even 41 @.@

so ..what's standard?? ^^U


and another shop I visited ...it's lingerie again he he

quess...what I bought?? ...dadadaaaa~!!!

sorry pic too low quality because it has not enough light

oke ..I just know that its name in English is Garter belt haha

it's the thing that tide up your sock with your hips!

I really like it!

ah ..end of todayyy ^ ^

ps. don't stare at my ass that much ehhe u.ú

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