lunes, 21 de julio de 2008

CODE CODE . so unexpected

today I have half day at University,

and half day left...I and my friend "Bit" decided to adventure :)

we went to BKK CODE...well it's like another lair of SOA+D

we much to see some ...exhibitions ..but then,

everything was silence and dark,.. we got out from CODE with a little Free
magazine in hands.

well, .... so unexpected..

Then , we saw CODE's Cafe still be open,

there's CODE SHOP near Cafe, where sold many cool things ..

and ...well, so was closed ..under construction.


SO today...

we went to Paragon mall by a sky train..

fooling around, and ... free reading at Kinokuniya

well....generally I don't free read at book store...but

there is NICE PLACE for us to free read...and also MANY FREE READERS

around there ...we did it also.'s not wrong!


Today might be so good day to take pics ..well, I did have full battery camera,

and the sights were so nice to taking photograph...

but I don't do that ....I need it be in my imagination for this time....

I'm not wrong! ....just unexpected ...chai mai?

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