lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

University Welcomming

I was about go to the University ..for first sight

the older students ..splashed us colors on our face

and we play many game ...

in the end.. I got a band ..keyrings

and the little box of tree for gift ..I'll grow it ^ ^


and.....the bad news of the day ^^U

in the morning ..I found that my memorie card in camera is broken

another cameras ...I'm not sure that they still can work ^^U

=.=...huh ..this lifes!

1 comentario:

Ferk dijo...

Wow! o.o ..they even give you gifts!
my introduction to the Uni was much more boring ^^U

ach.. the memory card...

but, the flash memory card? SD? it is easy to replace, isn't it?

muah u.u ... I missed you