miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008

SOA+D pre-art class with mr. chris

hi, welcome to School of achitechture and design :D
...I can take pics now ...I use my another camera. haha

and ..this's our classroom for the last 2 days of preparation art studies.

with our cool german teacher ..Christian Phongphit

on Monday ..for ..Classification ..we observed these bottles
and make a system of their cathegories for 20 ways
like ..shape, heights, layers, lines in the bottom, color tones of cap, the sound..etc.

that day ..he gave us the cotton buds for homework.. Experiencing Products
we have to find how to use those 6 different cotton buds.
LOVE DETAILS! he always said that.

the next topic ..it was about boosting the imaginations
we saw the bar code labels and interpreting it as many things we thoughts
like the hair, the fonts, the wall, the clothes..etc

and ..our fun time! ..of the topic..brainstorming!
"technique for assisting the escape from routines thinking when seeking fresh ideas
for slove a given problem"
explored 101 new ways to use everyday object ..my group got .."plastic bags" hahaa

these guys are my new friends ^ ^

my labblog(laboratory booklog) today has Aum's pic in it that mr. chris took.

this's my friend "Bit" ...I called him"bitch" he got presentation.
that I was with the most in the morning times
..because we came to the university so early ..his group got ..the hair brush.

Attitudes that support our creativity .. mr. Chris noted them on the little papers..
- Escape Mainstream
- no prejudice
- Intuition
- Not Jump to conclusions
- Trust, faith, believe
- self confidence
- Being Crazy
- asking "why??"
- Putting ideas into practice
- Task Risk
- Imagination
- Networking
- Passion, energy, motivation, and Enthusiasm
- curiousity
- with humor
- integrated view
- accept your error
- be able to tolerate conflicts
- have mind of one's one
- open minded
- optimism
- playfulness
- flexibility
- respect
- net worked thinking
- no preconception
- shape the right mood.

end of class ..I got many things from this study ..
and I promise ..I'll practise myself to be good designer.
thank you so much Mr.Chris.
he's one of my design+ photographing idols!
----> LOVE DETAILS!!!!

ps. I met my senior student from my highschool. ^ ^
"Pi Nueng"(industrial architechture) he was one year before me
so fashionable he is! xDDDDD

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