sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

summer drink :D

tralalaaaa ..summer time!

the season that I went to convenient store the most...

..yes..for drinks ^ ^

my top 5 forever faves still be ..

1. Green tea and another tea ( just wanna try new favors ...here we have so many)
2. Energy drink(yes ..feel so fresh:) )
3. Cola ( I can't drink much because of stomach..but still be my fav. )
4. Coffee
5. Mineral water

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Ferk dijo...

hahaha xD
wow!! today so much post and pics! from my fav blog ^0^

hmm.. hmm.. my 5 faves for drink... hmm.. hard to tell..

but I think ...

1. water (yes ^^Uu and just the plain water from the kitchen.. not even mineral ^^Uu ..but in Cordoba the water is the best I've tried hmmhmm!! and the most refreshing of all)

1. vanilla milkshake (yes.. also number 1 u_u ...because I think is the best when I'm hungry+thursty u.u ..it's different occasion)

1. creamed milk with cinnamon ( this too!!! >.< )

1. Ice tea ( hmm!! >.< ach.. it's all number 1!!!)

2. Cola (yess.. u.u but I wont drink if namo is near cos don't wanna make her "O.O" huhuhu u_,u)

2. banana milkshake with cinnamon and honey ( >< homemade )

3. Coffee (hmmhmm with powder vanilla is so good ^^ ..or capuchino.. or with the cream as topping! >< ..or bombon coffee that has the condensed milk)

hum.. I think that's more than 5 already ^^U