martes, 22 de abril de 2008

AD AD ADzzz!

Ads Ads ...rabbiscuit loves ads ^O^
well, maybe I have too much freetimes ..that I have nothing to do...
so'll posing for my favorite TV Ads that I love..
Their creative idee raise me haha

French: aids prevention ad Gay Version

Comment: Straight to the point xD easy communicated ..humorous cool idea! I love it!
and especially's GAY <3>

Thai: Warrior Siang Pure Oil

Comment: the idea is about the Mongol troopers is having war.. the head trooper gets dizzy, so he saw that there's 4 suns. " I realized that ..the day that has 4 suns ..mongolians ..shouldn't have War! " he said hahahahaha ...that's the commercial for Siang Pure Oil's for who's being Dizzy.

Thai: Sanwa water tab.

Comment: Sanwa always has sexy girls for ad . that makes people think that they buy sanwa because of beautiful girl. This Ad you that no matter they use sexy girls or the ugly man for the ad ..this tab still be popular for Thai people ...but ... it'll be better to make your costomer happy..isn't it? :D

Thai: PattayaCity ( is fun every square inch )

Comment: ^^ Pattaya city , Thaiand traveling ad

Laos: Laos telecom ad

Comment: looking for Thailand's neighbor ^ ^ ..cute xD Laos language is so much like Thai ^ ^ just special favs for this video ^ ^ ..although not so much cool idea but I still like it hahaah "call and and smile...:D "

the another cool ads will on blog another day ^ ^ computer too snail today

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Ferk dijo...

hahahaha xDDD

I wanna go to pattaya!!! shimpum shimpum piru pupupupu piii pii rupupu

the Laos spot... looks like... japanese girl dressed in cosplay and so hiper!

hahah xD great!