martes, 29 de abril de 2008

Killing boredom

I'm ..during the vacation ..

it's not so fun ..because I have nothing to do

well, I can go out of the house

..but ..I hate teh HOTNESS of Weather

I maybe the most boring people living also

..because I've started bored at myself right now

well..I did tried many things...

composing music = I have no mood for that

drawing + illustration = I have no inspiration

Watching porn + hentai = I got bore of them

taking pics = just fun at some minutes ..

cooking = just for dinner

reading = nothing to read now

gardening = of course ..too hot

swimming = bored and hot

cycling = too hot

internet etc., myspace, blogging, VF = can't help

games = just some minutes fun

bathing = just some minutes fun

shopping = I don't know what to buy, not this time

house cleaning = I do everyday ..can't help

play with pets = just for some minutes

being a BITCH dance dance = too bored to be bitch :P

bellydance = just some minutes fun

mangas = borest of the bored

drumming = not in mood

well ...that's just the reason of LOSER!

and well I'm loser

I dared to tell that I'm the most lasy girl in this world

I just wanna be pola bear

..can you teach me?

*..this blog entry is not good to read ..because it's too boring long*

I just begged..not interesting

c ya somedays


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