domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

SOA+D Homecoming

tonight ..I was going to SoAD Homecoming

today I was ...doing strait hair :) ..does it look strait?

look of today

applied some make up (make monkey face)

black and white mirror shot

can you see my shoes?

today I looked a bit ...growing? I clothes in adult style, also my hair lol

welcome to SoAD Homecoming !
our senior since first generation came here ^ ^

and many games to play! :)

and whiskey for prize lol

the showcase gallery in our school also opened
but a bit dark

my reflexion on mirror

me(left) and my friend (right)

and lastly pic ...I like...I took this night

I made it forwallpaper ^ ^

and then...I have nothing to say now...

I'm sleepy

see you next time

2 comentarios:

Ferk dijo...


pretty woman... walking down the street(8)
pretty woman... soad is where you've been(8)
at the mirror... looked like ghost to me(8) xD

Anónimo dijo...

hey you have a cool life....i am jealous of you...and your pics are really awesome