jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

loy kratong

today in Thailand is "loy kratong day"

floating kratong on the river...

like last year... my kratong this year made of bread

Friendly for environmental ^ ^

and also can be marine animal's food


I'm clearing my table already..for specialday because

yesterday..well...many last days

very messy table ..@.@ full of paper from Typographic studies

this pic I took yesterday..@.@ ach

but don't worry ...now it's so clean ...I organized them all already


and lastly ....End with my pic from today

Have nice luck ....I'm maybe so bust these day..


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Ferk dijo...

Woh!.. o.o
loy kratong day... that's when you put your wishes in a flower and let it go through the river?

BIG -mess mess-
tube Tube TUBE TuBe
Michael Jackson B-) -mess-

says to hand: congratulations for your parents ^^