miércoles, 11 de junio de 2008

design fundamental [Tapio L.]

now ..coming of my blog again ...

I didn't forget , but I'm lazy :)

.....today ...I have design fundamental at university

we are learning in 8th floor studio :D

top of my table... has my name on it ! "Namo[comdes]" lol

so messy it is ... :D my work today is drawing same object in 4 styles
lines, black markers, looked real sketch and ...make it ...color!
I drew my broku figure :P

this is the first time for me on water color [right bottom]
quite hard ...so I ask some introduction from my teacher ...mr. Tapio Lehtonen :)
and he suggested me to visit the site: www.handprint.com
this can help...a lot! ...well yes ...this quite nice! ...I will practice it hard ^ ^

look! ... :D my first time water color !!!!

this ...gothic looked silent man ..Varut ......isn't he beautiful? :P
we called him "Lucy" but he didn't like this name at all. hahaa

Lucy!!! black and white portrait!

this is Joe! ...little bunny xD!!! ..Lucy's friend ..

this is Tip :D ..she was so talkative , very funny and friendly girl! :D
we are talking about Marilyn Manson ....she's his huge fan!
and also ...she told me that she loves punk! xDDDD wow!

this is Titi :D JROCK FAN!!!!! ...I LOVE YOU!

etc ..etc.. xD ...there're some people working on the floor ..
well ..I did work on table hahaha :D

today so tired ..so fun and ...so ....surprise hahaha
end of super tag!

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