lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

Jodmai rak (love letters)

today ..I'm so happy ..

I got 2 letters from my lover,

one of them ..has the beautiful and nice smell dry yellow flower in it ^ ^

I'll keep it the best ....I really love it!!

and in another letter .. I got my darling's lovely postcard with his pics in it <3

and I wanna tell .....

>< ..Fernando!!!!! are too cute know that?!!!!!!!!!! -jump kiss-

my happyday ..will NEVER long as I have you.

Ich liebe dich ..Fernando!

1 comentario:

Ferk dijo...

^^ I'm happy that you liked it ..muah!

you really got the two of them the same day? o.o I even waited for almost 2 days to send the last one