viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

two of my happy days

.. 2 these days..I'm whoooowhooo! so much,

well one ...yesterday is my valentine ...I got chocolate and some roses from my friends ..

but for me ....being with the person I love is my happiest thing ...

his chocolate came to me before Valentine...but I was still eating them on this day. ^ ^

.....two ... today the end of my Highschool life..

there're many friends who paint on my uniform shirt,

one of them drummer friend ..Boll... he said..

"I'm crazy in your mind,

you have thoughts and brain that hard to find in another people,

I think that we will do the music together someday,

I can touch something in you ....that's the soul in yourself

from .... Boll Bireley "

and I hope someday I could work with him too ... thank you ..freind!

the highschool life is the most happy time ...but it gone so fast ^ ^

now can be just memories ...forever

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Ferk dijo...

you have so good friends ^^
..dont loose the contact